BPM Instance

BPM Instance is not showing in MWS Process Instance after starting the process from designer using JMS. However, the Build version of the same process is showing in the MWS.

Hi Azhar,

can you provide more details for this issue, please?
i.e. version number of wM suite, what is your JMS provider, any messages in server.log, error log etc.?


Yes sure.
Version: 10.5
JMS Provider: UMServer, Using Queue, JMS_Default_ISConnection
Server.log: Nothing is showing in server log regarding the process.
Error log: No errors is showing in Error log also.

Thank you, now Process Instances working fine. Now I am facing issue with IS(10.5). I am getting following scripts after starting IS.

Please help to sort out this issue.

Can you shed some more light on what is the issue here? Is it the case that Integration Server doesn’t complete starting up? Or perhaps it gets stuck with these lines only?
Because from the logs it appears to be normal to me.


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Thanks for the response. Yes the server was getting stuck up after these lines. So what I did I shut down all the servers i.e. IS, UM, MWS, Analytic Engine,Infrastructure, and DataCollector. And Then restart all of them as in the following series: UM, IS, MWS, Analytic, DataCollector and Infrastructure. Then all starts successfully and now working fine.

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