BPM and Task Engine logs Archive

Hi Team,

As per my requirment need to Archive BPM and Task Engine logs Please let me know what is the recommendations from SoftwareAg and Please let me know the Tables info Means whats are the tables need to Archive and After Archive where the data stored and how get the Archived data back and how to delete data from Archived tables and main tables

Please let me know.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Vishnu,

these are two independent requests.

For BPM have a look at the Monitor Users Guide.
For Trading Networks have a lookt at the Trading Networks Administrators Guide, Chapter 14.

For BPM archiving you will require an additional database schema created by DB Configurator (Component Archive).
After creation the configuration is described on the Monitor Users Guide or in several threads in the community forums.


HI Holger,

Thanks for the Info for BPM Logs created database component Archive and verifying the Archive process by using pub.monitor.archive:processArchive service getting sucessfull message but the records are not deleted form the main tables and like PRA_PROCESS ,PRA_PROCESS_STEP

Is their any configuration needed please let me know.

Hi Vishnu,

is there anything in the server or error log related to the archiving service?

Was the table OPERATION_PARAMETERS in the archive schema configured correctly?
Are the grants defined for the tables?
Grants need to be set in main schema as “SELECT, DELETE” for the archive schema:

grant SELECT, DELETE on to ;

Is there any helpful message in the OPERATION_LOG table in the archive schema?


Good afternoon by chance you know that pressure has the SUIT of WebMethods BPMS

Hi Rolando,

please provide more details about your request.

It is not clear to me what you are referring to.