Book: Efficient Usage of Adabas Replication

Finally, the book has been published and is available on and

ISBN 978-3-8348-1730-3 - Publisher Vieweg+Teubner a brand of Springer Fachmedien, part of Springer Science+Business Media

It’s written in English and explains different ways to replicate, explains definitions and parameters, compares files of source and target databases, explains recovery after a crash, discusses probles and solutions, contains self-written monitors and discusses security. The appendix contains parameter and program examples written in Natural and Assembler.

Many thanks to the contributors of examples from companies and Software AG.

Dieter Storr

After the International Conference in Berlin, I received some questions about my book:
“The Efficient Usage of Adabas Replication”

Yes, the eBook version is available:

Dieter Storr