Blank Carrier?


I have a simple flow which takes a value from the user and then checks this value against a value held within a PDM file. If there is a match then a “true” is returned and if no match “false”

We did a test where the PDM file has all the right structure but no value i.e


So when the user enters “Dave” for forename, thent "true is returned.

the problem we have is when the user enteres nothing when running it via developer for “PhoneNo” we get a “No value exception” as expected. If we run the same flow via the pacakge management/browse services online screens, we get back a value of “true”

All I can think of is that developer sends a value of “NULL” which causes the exception but if done via the screens, then it defaults to a blank carrier of some kind that then matches the absent value within the PDM file.

Does anyone know if this is the case?

Any information is welcome :>)

Thank you in advance.


Jamie: When you execute a service through the Packages > Management pages in the IS Administrator, empty input variables get passed to the service as zero-length Strings. This may explain the behavior you are seeing.