BizDocStoreinsertDocument not working properly

In my Java class, I create a BizDocEnvelope instance
and add a content part. I then insert this BizDocEnvelope
instance into the database using the following statement:

BizDocStore.insertDocument( bizdoc, false ) ;

I pass false as the value of the 2nd parameter, so
that the content will not be saved to the database.

Despite this, the content is being saved to the
BIZDOCCONTENT table in the database.

How do I prevent the content from being saved to
the database?



I think during the process when recognize to bizDoc wether or not the content is to be saved has already determine. You could try to set the document type in TN to “not to save content” and give it another try.

The “Save Document to Database” settings in TN control
whether or not TN will store the content of a new bizdoc
in the database when TN creates a new bizdoc. However,
these settings have no effect on the bizdocs that are
created by a Java class using the
BizDocEnvelope/BizDocStore/etc. classes.

webMethods told me how to solve the problem. The trick
is to pass the undocumented “attributes and activity log”
string to the BizDocEnvelop.setPersistOption() method.
For example:

bizdoc.setPersistOption( “attributes and activity log” );

BizDocStore.insertDocument( bizdoc, false ) ;