BizDoc error

I am getting the following error when I try to deliver a document to mulitple trading partners using a processing rule. Any idea of what my happening? Here is a portion of the error.
Error delivering bizdoc


at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor169.invoke(Unknown Source)

Can you pls. write the complete error. Also, does TN deliver this type of docType to any other partner? Did it ever deliver these type of doc to these partners successfully? Did anything change in IS/TN/DB - any upgrade, patch?

The error message says ClassCastException - ie you are mapping from one type to another. Give details on the service that you have setup, this is most likely an incorrect mapping error.


I may be mistaken but you can’t deliver a document to multiple TN profiles using the standard facilities. One document, one recipient. How are you attempting to deliver the doc to multiple partners?

Thanks in advance for your help.

We have a current business need to send a single document to multiple recipients. Since we are new to webMethods I am using a sample from WmTNSamples that shows how to deliver a document to multiple recipients. When I step through this the error happens when is executed. I have attached the full error messagne and two flows.

wm_tn_samples_broadcastbroadcastDeliver.txt (3.27 KB)
wm_tn_samples_broadcastsingleDeliver.txt (1.91 KB)
BizDoc error.doc (38 KB)

How are you creating the bizdoc object?

Hi Roy,
I believe you are stepping through the service and get this error. This service expects bizdoc to be supplied as input which you cannot supply using Developer. So, you are not supplying anything as input and that could be the reason you are getting this error. Also, check that you are supplying correct partnerID to the service singleDeliver’s input bizdoc.

To run the broadcastDeliver service properly, you will need to first create a new wrapper service called runBroadcastDeliver.

In this service runBroadcastDeliver, create a input string called internalId.

Add the 1st step to invoke the service and set getContent flag to true.

Add the 2nd step to invoke the service

Now open the TN Console and select any bizdoc which you want to send to multiple partner. Get the internalId of this bizdoc.

Now run and step through runBroadcastDeliver when asked, supply the internalId you got using the TN Console above.