Bindings empty in a existing importing CAF project

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level are you on?

webMethods CAF 10.5

Is your question related to the free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Production Instance

What are you trying to achieve? Please describe it in detail.

Im trying to import an existing CAF project but when I do this that project is imported with errors and Bindings empty. This projects are not mine, they are in a git. I’ve downloaded and import like this:
File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace
File > Import > General > Archive File
File > Import > General > Projects from Folder or Archive
File > Import > Software AG > Existing CAF Projects into Workspace
File > Import > Git > Projects from Git

All above options works fine, but when the UI project is showed in Solution > Default Solution > User Interface and I open the project, the Bindings just show something like this:

With out objects, variables and webServices consumes. Just providers and beans. And in the problems tab a lot of errors are shown:

ApplicationScoped cannot be resolved to a type
BaseTaskDetailsPageBean cannot be resolved to a type
BeanType cannot be resolved to a variable

Do you think this is about Designer version? Or is just the project was not well exported?

Hello Jesus

Delete the project from your Designer Workspace to start again.

The method you should use to import the CAF project is:

File > Import > Software AG > Existing CAF Projects into Workspace
Then select the archive file, and the project within it.

See if the bindings look ok. If not, I believe you can right-click on the project and select Refresh or Repair (I don’t have Designer available right now, but I’ve done a lot of imports in the past. It’s just been awhile :slight_smile: )
I believe on the Designer menu there is also a Repair option under the Projects.

Anyway, typically a refresh or repair will fix this.

Let us know what happens.


Hello, Wayne.
There is not an archive file, actually is just a folder with the project inside it. I’ve imported the project as you said but didn’t work. Ive refreshed and repaired it and didn’t work neither. Ive cleaned the project as well and didnt work.

Is there a way to download the project from MWS?

Are you sure it’s a webMethods CAF project?
Do you know how it was originally created in Designer?

Yes, it must be because I can see the portlet in MWS. That project was created by other company, now my company is going to develop new features in it. That project is on git repository and it supposed to be a valid CAF project. This is it structure:

Hi Jesus. Like I said, I don’t have Designer access right now, but in the back of my memory I recall a Refresh icon in the bindings view.
Can you look in the Bindings view and if you see a refresh icon, then try it?
bindings refresh

I will ask around to some of my colleagues.

Hello. I’ve tried with that icon but nothing happens. I mean, it refresh of course but I cant see the bindings well yet.
I think the project is not a valid one. Thank you so much for your help anyways.

Yes, it does seem broken somehow, or is not a webMethods CAF project.

I received some info from a colleague saying “Probably they just need to add the MWS runtime as a classpath dependency of their CAF project”.
This is something you can look into.


Gorgeous! That was the solution! Thank to you and your colleague so much, Wayne!

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