binding usercontrols into the Layout Painter

is there any change in the process of binding usercontrols into the Layout Painter? Since i have updated to 20060821 the Layout Painter don’t show any of our usercontrols in the controls-tree.

We have the three additional controllibrarys (editor_gx.xml,…) and the controllibraries.xml contains the following:

Jan Kolbe

Had the same problem. And asked the R&D about it.
Here is the answer by Martin Grumann:

Go to WebClient IDE and start the Control Editor (you will find that on the left hand side).

Go to the “Positioning” Tab (2nd -> input the desired name under Controls/Container and your control will show up in the topic list.

Forgot to mention:
If you need to group all of your controls under the same topic, then re-use the same Item Name. Application Designer will group all of your controls under the same topic then. What I haven’t found out yet is how to influence the order of the topics (let’s say you want to position your topic as first topic) and also how to put an empty line between subsets inside the control list of the desired customized topic. that’s it for now, hope this helps :slight_smile: