File browsing in Application Designer - which Control?


I need the following functionality and cannot find a control for it:

A button with which I can browse the file system and select a file.
The path should be placed inside a field element.

The only thing I could find is the FILE UPLOAD Control, where the button used there pops up a Dialog which has a Browse Button with the desired functionality.

May question is: How can I somehow only use the Button + functionality displayed inside the POPUP Dialog of FILE UPLOAD Control?
Or any other solution wanted.

Thanks in advance.



I have found a solution but still don’t like it:
When publishing a layout it is actually possible to change the generated HTML Code. So what I did is replacing the input type from type=“text” to type=“file”.
Now in runtime I get the desired functionality, but the moment I change my layout by using the Application Designer, and publishing the layout, my modified HTML gets overwritten…
Actually this could be solved by implementing a new control, right?
Any suggenstions appreciated…

Hi, I actually found another solution much better.
Just open the Layout xml file in Textmode.
Then use a control called: filenameinput
FILENAMEINPUT works almost the same as the control FIELD

Here are the attributes that will work:

Then save your XML Layout and open it with Layout GUI Designer and publish it.
There you go.