Best practices to develop java services in wm developer

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What is the best practice to follow to write java services in wm developer.

Writing java services in eclipse IDE is easy as it gives the auto-complete suggestions about the classes loaded in classpath.

Do you suggest to load webMethods jar files (that have java services supporting classes API, e.g., IData) in eclipse IDE, write methods in java classes, cut and paste the method from eclipse to developer?

If this is the approach to follow what jar files should I include in my eclipse project classpath?

Or is there any other better alternative approach?

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The best practices for developing java services in wM developer that I am aware of:

1> Make sure you follow java naming conventions for the code.

2> Make sure you place the appropriate jars in the IS file system or inside a package. Whenever you compile the java code and if your code requires external jars will get a message during your compilation process

3> I better suggest to use designer if you are developing any java service within webMethods as designer gives out suggestions/options/tips

4> For more information refer webMethods JAVA API

developer is already deprecated in newer version of WM.
You should use Designer. Designer itself is eclipse, you shouldn’t have problem using it coding Java.

Thanks guys for your replies.

We are still on webMethods 7.x version only.

Deal with it :slight_smile: or upgrade it 8)

Yes you are right…v9.6 as of now. :smiley: