best practice or guidelines for applying fixes

Hi All,

I would like to know if there are any best practices which you follow (or a post somewhere) for applying fixes to webMethods product suite.

For ex, this is what we follow:

  1. Common libraries should always be in sync on your MWS server and IS server.
  2. Take a backup of the VM/folders before applying fixes.

Is there anything else wrt when and how to use Update manager, fix images, rollback, scripts, etc?

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Ninad Patil

Hi Ninad,

I would suggest to embrace SAG Update Manager for fix management.

Features :

  1. Backups : Update Manager will backup your files before fix update. However always take a file system backup as a fall back.

  2. Roll Backs : Update Manager can roll back fixes (and you have your file system backup in worst case)

  3. Fix Images : Create Update Manager Image and you can keep appending to that image every time there is an update. The update manager will update itself everytime if configured to do so. If you are using centralised image then you can create 1 image and spawn it to all update manager installations

  4. Keep the Update Manager installation directory separate from your webMethods installation directory. This helps in taking file system backups of the SAG Update Manager itself.

Note : Update Manager does not support roll back for some MWS fixes. In that case you should rely on file system backups including MWS Database snapshots.


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Thanks a lot Sumit, this is quite helpful.

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil


I recently installed Core Fix 13 on one of our IntegrationServer using webMethods 8.2 UpdateManager, but things went wrong and i have to rollback the fix to an older version(Core fix 11 - was installed before Core fix 13).

Please suggest if i can roll back the fix or do i need to first uninstall it and then have to install the Core fix 11.

did you read the readme.txt which is given in the fix?

Hi Mahesh,

No i didn’t as the fixes were provided by client, will check it.

My question was about RollBack, as previously in the thread it is mentioned that the installation can be rolled back,

but i am not able to see any option for it(other than uninstall).

‘Uninstall fix’ option in SUM is nothing but ‘rollback’.