Best option for PLC protocols - Cumulocity IoT

Hi everyone,

What is the best option that you recommend based on your experience to acquire data from different PLC protocols (Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Profinet, etc.) that arrive at a node (PC/Workstation) and send it to Cumulocity IoT?

Do you have the link to download Cumulocity IoT On-Premise? I can’t find the installer.

Thank you very much to all! :smiley:

Hi Anthony,

Lots of options here:

There are build in services that do not require any 3rd party hardware you can find here:

Our open source initiative is a great piece of software for integrating any sort of device (even some embedded, due to the cross compilation capabilities of rust):

For ease of use you can choose from a variety of hardware device that do support cumulocity ioT ootb.:

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