Integration between Cumulocity IoT and ERP (SAP)


I currently want to bring real-time and historical data from Cumulocity IoT to an ERP system (for example SAP).

Reading documentation about Cumulocity I understand this would be possible Cumulocity IoT OpenAPI:

My question would be the following: Is this the optimal way to work with SAP or other ERPs to obtain real-time/historical data or is there any other way that you recommend based on your experience?

Thank you all in advance for your support.

My recommendation would be to look at Sotware AG’s iPaaS products. In your case primarily Integration.
It can integrate cloud apps and on-premise apps using hundreds of pre-built connectors, including Cumulocity.
Have a look at this Tech Community article: Building System Integrations with the new Cumulocity IoT Connector for


1 Like is a very good starting point! If you want to explore other options you can read this:

He have implemented an integration with an ERP system. We utilized microservices to support the creation of devices representing a manufactured asset initiated from the ERP system, then invoke the ERP systems ticketing system when an anomaly is detected. This is in support of a Smart Asset Management use case for an organization that manufactures the asset and/or provide managed service for the asset.