Best terminal for Modbus TCP

What’s the best “out of the box” terminal at the moment to bring the Modbus TCP data to the Cumulocity? I mean the device that is fully compatible with the Cloud Fieldbus application. Currently we are using NTC-6200-02 for that, bus this device is now in “End of Sale” status. Is the newer model NTC-140W-01 the only option or are there any other terminals available/compatible as well?

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there are a number of alternative devices, like, Insys, Owasys and others.

There is a successor of NTC-6200 (, but i don’t know yet in how far it can run the software out of the box.

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Okay. I’ll try this way. Netcomm released NTC-220 Series on 15 of March 2019. From the device description I found: “The NTC-220 Series is the 4G evolution of the NTC-6200, offering the same familiar interfaces, but now also offers 4G connectivity”. Does anybody know, will the Cumulocity Netcomm agent run on NTC-222 (this is the European version of NTC-220 series) as well?

If someone has the device, I’d be curious as well. Happy to take any contributions or even results of experiments!


Thank you for the prompt answer Andre. But unfortunately you didn’t understood me correctly. The question was about Modbus TCP device integrated with Cloud Fieldbus application.
Smartboxes are integrated (they have the agent), but they don’t have Ethernet interface. Insys, Owasys and the others do have Ethernet, but they don’t have the agent software. This means you can’t manage them from Cloud Fieldbus application. You can’t define the child devices, all the measurements are sent with only one managed object id, you can’t use the device database to define Modbus registers. We have a lot of Smartboxes and IMON/Insys’s in our instance as well, so I now what I’m talking about :slight_smile:
Could you please ask your testing team to verify, does the smartrest-agent_4.0.2_arm.ipk run on NTC-222 too? I really would like to know before purchasing them.

Ah yes, true!

Things that come to my mind:

  • Contact PS-Systec and ask for Ethernet. It doesn’t cost much to ask and they are very flexible and responsive.
  • The agent is open source and runs on Linux, it could be easy to bring it onto another device of your choice, if you have some development capabilities (violates the “out of the box” requirement somewhat).
  • Wait a bit … I heard about the NTC-222 only two weeks ago, Netcomm send me some info and questions.
  • Have a chat with your Software AG contact about this. (If you need a contact, let me know. Are you Estonian?)