Best Approach for Reading data from excel into wM

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I have a requirement where in i have to read the data from excel file and store it onto DB.

I know that SAG provides a package named wxExcel upon request for handling Excel related operations.

I want to know what will be best approach in this.
Should i write a custom java service of my own or should i use SAG package or is there anything else?

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Syed Faraz Ahmed

AFAIK , WxExcel is a licensed package , a offering from the GCS.

It uses apache poi jars to do the conversion to and from an excel file.
If you have the WxExcel package provided by GCS then you can use it.

Otherwise I would suggest to write your own services using apache poi jars.

Yes, it is a licensed package and we haven’t asked SAG for it till now.

What i mean to ask is we will have a heavy usage of excel import export. So, what will be the best way to go with.

Shall we use wxExcel or custom Java code? will wxExcel come with some performance optimization ?

Syed Faraz Ahmed

SAG GCS provides two packages :

  1. WxExcel : For converting IData to Excel
  2. WxExcelConverter : For converting Excel to Xml

WxExcelConverter is a config based tool , you need to provide the structure of excel in a xml file based on which it converts the excel data to Xml.

I have used WxExcelConverter package in one of the projects . One of the performance optimization feature of WxExcelConverter is that it provides options to load excel data as stream and then converts it to xml data stream.

  • Excel data stream to XML file/String/Stream.
  • Excel file to XML file/String/Stream.

Not sure if any performance report is being published though .

For writing excel files , mostly used custom written java services.

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Thank you Rakesh.

The above info was helpful.

Syed Faraz Ahmed