BC4.8 Problems with IDOC Lookup (ORDERS05 agains SAP 4.7 Enterprise)

Hi all,
we are experiencing problems trying to send an flat IDOC to a 4.7 Enterprise backend system. We try to build up a valid IDOC out of an flat file using service pub.sap.idoc.decodeString. This service delivers not the correct hierarchy of the IDOC back.

The used service decodeString imports an IDOC in flat-file format and makes a lookup in the provided SAP system for structural information. This works correctly this way in BC4.6 release. Any further ideas?

Serivce sap.admin.idoc.getIDocDefinition delivers only the following result:

E1EDK01 E2EDK01005 1 true 1 false IDOC: Belegkopf Daten allgemein
E1EDK14 E2EDK14 2 false 12 true IDOC: Belegkopf Organisationsdaten
E1EDK03 E2EDK03 2 false 10 true IDOC: Belegkopf Datumssegment
E1EDK04 E2EDK04001 2 false 10 true IDOC: Belegkopf Steuern
E1EDK05 E2EDK05001 2 false 16 true IDOC: Belegkopf Konditionen
E1EDKA1 E2EDKA1003 2 false 99 true IDOC: Belegkopf Partnerinformationen
E1EDK02 E2EDK02 2 false 10 true IDOC: Belegkopf Referenzdaten
E1EDK17 E2EDK17 2 false 4 true IDOC: Belegkopf Lieferbedingungen
E1EDK18 E2EDK18 2 false 3 true IDOC: Belegkopf Zahlungsbedingungen
E1EDK35 E2EDK35000 2 false 99999 true IDOC: Belegkopf Zusatzdaten
E1EDK36 E2EDK36000 2 false 99 false IDOC: Belegkopf Zahlungskarten
E1EDKT1 E2EDKT1002 2 false 99 true IDOC: Belegkopf Textidentifikation
E1EDP01 E2EDP01006 2 false 999999 false IDOC: Belegposition Daten allgemein
E1CUCFG E2CUCFG003 2 false 99999 false CU: Konfigurationsdaten
E1EDL37 E2EDL37004 2 false 999999 false Handling Unit Kopf
E1EDS01 E2EDS01 2 false 5 true IDOC: Summensegment allgemein

which is not the total IDOC structure of ORDERS05 (seems to be only level 1 and 2. Levels 3 and bigger are missing).

Any ideas? Problem with the java version? BC bug?


PS: BC-user on the backend has SAPALL/SAPNEW rights

Hello Richard,
I’d say they chances are high that this is a bug. The IDoc metadata handling has been changed completely between BC 4.6 and BC 4.7 (instead of DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET now IDOCTYPE_READ_COMPLETE is used), so perhaps something went wrong for this particular case.
I recommend opening an OSS message under BC-MID-BUS and providing a sample flat file that reproduces the error. (I hope the IDoc does not contain any custom segments?! Otherwise it will be hard to debug…)

Best Regards, Lanzelot