Basic Type Error in Sending IDOC to SAP from wM


I am attempting to implement an interface that sends IDOC’s from webMethods to SAP, however I am encountering an error. I can view the IDoc in transaction code WE02, but it has errored out. The error number is 56, and the text is “Basic IDoc type is unknown.” The value for Basic IDoc type in the errored out IDoc is blank, and I cannot figure out a way within webMethods to hard code/ configure the basic IDoc type, and I have played quite a bit with the partner profiles in SAP to ensure that SAP is expecting an IDoc of the correct type. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks,



In the EDIDC/EDIDC40 record, the Basic IDoc type needs to be defined, do this in your Flow service before passing it to SAP!

IDOCTYP - required
CIMTYP - for customized/extended IDoc’s
MESTYP - required
MESCOD - determined by the SAP process for that IDOC and SAP Config