Hello comunity, I test a webservice provider on IS over SOAPUI my problem its how I do send an type base64binary because my flowservice its waiting for a base64Binary {}, I dont know how do that?, the problem is, I want send a file on binary[] but I investing about MTOM Streaming but me don´t understand.

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Mario – Please find attached snapshot, design your service in the same way.


Mario – PFA snapshot

Mario – PFA snapshot

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Hi Mario,

Which wM version you are using?

Hi MR as173d thanks a lot, apologies of my english and my orthography, but my problem its the test over SoapUI because a test the flowservice before calling on web (AJAX - javascritp Object XMLHttpRequest), and I don’t now how attatch an file via binary[] on message SOAP, in the flow service the variable expected is base64Binary {}.

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Hello Arun Kumar, the verion I Use its 8.2.

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Hi Mario,

There are 2 options for creating your base64-Object:

  • get the PSUtilities from the Code section of TechCommunity
  • create a custom test flow service with a String input and String output
    – pub.string:StringToByte
    – pub.string:base64Encode

As the Build-In service base64Enocde uses a node object as input (marked as byte[] in the Build-in-Services Guide) this needs to be prepared like the service described in this post.
The Service in the PSUtilities-package handles this internally.

You can then call this service via the IS-Admin UI to transfrom the String into the base64-Encoded String, which can be placed in the appropriate field in your Soap-Request.


Thanks alot guys, I resolve part of my problem, from SOAP message on javascript AJAX I put the String Base 64 of a PDF, but when put the String Base 64 of a Image the service crash :roll:

Mario – I am not clear with your prior statement, can you please a bit more clear.