Backup Label


Can I, by any means, know the label of the backup?(without using XControl/Control).

Hello aniruddha!

Sorry for my question: What is a backup label?

I’m working with ADABAS on LINUX, and there is no opportunity to label a backup via ADABCK…

Backup label is generated by Adabas, automatically, whenever you create backups.

You cannot assign a backup label manually.

You can know the label of a backup. After selecting media for the backup, Adabas D pops details of the backup, which also shows label, to the user and only after pressing “OK” the backup continues.

My question was whether you can know the “already generated” label of a backup using some batch mode commands?

No, this is not possible, only via XControl. :?

OK! I was talking about Adabas C…

I feel more confident that this SRDF process will be sufficient for D/R purposes now, though. And I will have the offsite tapes from the vault just in case something goes wrong.