ADABAS physical storage

ADABAS file will be stored physically as a mainframe dataset. can someone please let me know what kind of dataset is it.Like in DB2 it is LDS and in ADABAS what is it?


The files are allocated as QSAM datasets from the operating system’s point of view. Internally direct block access is used (BDAM at one point, not sure if it still is called that).

Thank you.
can you please let me knwo from where I can get more info about this.

For anyone who doesn’t know, z/OS access methods like QSAM are implemented as subroutines that are branched into (in non-privileged state) which then build channel programs and then call the EXCP or EXCPVR macros to pass control to privileged operating system routines. My understanding is that Adabas I/O modules build their own channel programs and call EXCP directly. (This is roughly the equivalent of “raw mode

Thanks for the information.