Azul Zulu JDK 8

The switch from Oracle Java runtime to Azul Zulu JDK was made after taking into consideration that public updates for Oracle Java SE 8 ended by January 2019 and that there are no major technical differences between the Oracle JDK and Azul Zulu JDK.

Software AG has an official support contract for Azul Zulu JDK and will be doing all our testing with this JDK and shipping this JDK with Software AG products.
Starting with our October release in 2018, which is webMethods 10.3 and all future releases, we are supporting our products with Azul Zulu JDK 8.
We will also provide the Azul Zulu JDK 8 with the most recent Zulu JDK 8 security fixes for most Software AG products. For older releases, the respective fixes will be delivered via Software AG Update Manager.

For versions in standard maintenance:

  • webMethods 10.1 (October 2017) CJP_10.1_Fix116 was released in February 2019
  • webMethods 9.12 (October 2016) CJP_9.12_Fix118 is planned to be released in May 2019

For versions in extended maintenance:

  • webMethods 9.10 (April 2016) CJP_9.10_Fix118 is planned for June 2019
  • webMethods 9.9 (October 2015) CJP_9.9_Fix118 is planned for June 2019

With the migration to the Azul Zulu JDK, please keep in mind security considerations and we advise that you read the entire readme and the documents below before making the change. Customers are advised to exercise caution while applying JDK updates from Software AG as it would replace the whole JVM folder in the installation path and any custom settings in there would be overwritten. The process for applying JDK updates remains same as in the past, whether it is migration to Zulu JDK or it’s a general JDK update.
More information can be found here:

For further details, please see the FAQ provided on Empower: