Avoiding file polling changes to the filename when moving to


webMethods poller changes the filename by appending some extra stuff to the front.

I am polling a directory for a new file, whose complete path I need to pass to an API call in my IS which profiles the file into a content management system.

I need to pass the complete filename to this API but since the poller puts a 5 digit run time number on the front I have no way of knowing what the exact filename is so my API does not know where to copy the file from.

Is there any way to stop webMethods from changing the filename or at least renaming it in a ‘predictable way’ so that I can build the full file name in my IS?

Please repsond quickly.


We are using flow service: pub:flow:getTransportInfo, to extract the original file name and the completion file name (full file name: with path and file name)on an IS where we have file polling configured.

This flow service can give out information within HTTP, EMAIL, FTP and File polling when you use one or more of them in your IS.

HTH. Good luck!