Avoiding duplication in TN queue

I have a scenario where we are storing the documents in TN queue and every hour we batch it and send it to partner.While sending i have to avoid duplicate documents i.e should send only the latest document and ignore the old ones(based on document id).Is there any way we can configure this in TN or any service tht wm provides to acheive this.I wouldbe thankfull if someone can help.

First of all why are you getting the duplicates?Is it your backend system generating those??Can you elaborate your document batching process flow before TN queueing invoked…so that users can assist you with better responses…Also there is a dulicate check mechanism in the processing rules actions you may have to utilize that option to avoid duplicates in TN


I think there was a thread along these lines a short time ago. There may be some useful info there if you do a search.

Yeah there is a duplicate checking option in TN.But the catch here is i need to use the latest document and ignore the previous ones.But by using the duplicate check in TN i will be using the first document and ignoring the rest which is not the way i want it.Actually the documents are being sent by a custom application,with the requirement that the documents will b stored in a private queue and every hour a scheduled service does a batching of it and FTP’s it to a location.


Sounds like you may have to create your own delivery service. There is a whole chapter in the TN User’s Guide about Delivery Services.

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Thanks for the suggestions