Avoid service hits during downtime period

I want to avoid hits for a service during downtime period without doing code level design changes,Is it possible to implement that?
There are two ways one is removing ACL for the service,tht i don’t want to do because i want to make it automated,Second is disabling code for that downtime period,That also i don’t want to do as it includes design level change.
Kindly suggest.

Couple of ideas:

  1. If you have designated user for interface then disabling this user is an option,
  2. Closing port of interface,
  3. If there is async architecture with pub/sub you can disable triggers and queue messages for later processing.


Second option sounds good, we can close port intself for any request coming to WM.
Thanks a ton for the reply.

Keep in mind that IS will not let you disable the primary port.

Make the administrative port the primary port, then you can stop integration traffic but still have access to do admin work–like turn ports back on.

It is also good practice to allocate different port, user, ACL for each interface, so you can manage and audit traffic a lot easier.