Automatically assign EDIINT payloads to same sender/receiver as EDIINT envelope

Is there a way to have webMethods (9.7) automatically assign the same sender and receiver to an EDIINT payload document as are on the EDIINT envelope?

I have several existing EDIINT interfaces where the XML has identifiers for sender and receiver, and TN pulls those to assign the appropriate profiles.

Now I have to take a new XML from a partner that doesn’t contain clear sender/receiver ID fields. Is there a way to tell webMethods to assign the same sender and receiver to that XML as are on the EDIINT document that the XML arrived in?

for inbound document, the default rule will call
to process the document
Although not recommended, you can replace it with your own handling service, where you can update the sender/receiver of the bizdoc.

But still the AS2 ID and ISA id should be populated and be used for identifying purpose, maybe you can convince your partners to populate them.