Authenticating Admin user

I have a question concerning authenticating the admin user. I am sure it is possible to authenticate the administrator user to the administrative console through LDAP. My background is all J2EE app tiers and I have done this on WebSphere, WebLogic, etc… I have a very large group and a very large installation base. We have to manage the username and passwords for ‘all’ our admin consoles, so plugging ‘just’ that user/group into LDAP would seem to be a good thing. However, I am afraid that if I add that functionallity it will affect ‘all’ calls through webMethods. Is this true? Can I plugin just the admin context authentication into LDAP, or is it a all or nothing concept? Hope that makes sense?


You can use an external LDAP to control access to webMethods IS Administrator and / or to authenticate requests to invoke services.

It is possible to map groups defined in an external LDAP to an IS ACL and it is also possible to authenticate access to IS Administrator using an external LDAP.

This is covered in the IS 6.5 Administrator’s guide on pages 242-258. Authentication using an external NIS user repository was supported in earlier releases but was deprecated for IS 6.5.

Hope that helps,