Auditing user's computer name

Hi All,

Has anybody tried to log (in audit.log file) user’s computer name?
MWS v.9.12

When I logging to Business Console or MWS in audit.log file below line appear.

I’d like to log computer name as well. Is it possible?


as the computer name is available via MWS Portal Administration (like SysAdmin) → Administration Dashboard → Session Monitor, there should be an option to access this information somehow.


Hi Holger,

The portlet you mentioned is “wm_sessionmonitor”.

Quote from “9-12_My_webMethods_Server_Portlet_Reference.pdf” document:

But I logged to MWS as sysadmin
(Folders >Administrative Folders >Administration Dashboard >Analysis > Session Monitor)
and there are only 3 columns:
NAME → user logins
ADMINISTRATOR → true / false

Where user’s host name should be displayed?

Hi Tomasz,

in this case you are encountering an issue with IP resolution, as I am able to see either computernames or IP addresses in the column CLIENT_LOCATION.

IP addresses only for the case that the address cannot be resolved to a computername via DNS lookup.