Attempting to insert event onto queue 'Session Queue

The server log in IS 8.0 SP1 always logs the following message and doesn’t appear to log much else unless during IS start up. The message is
[WmAuditingSC.queue.2010D] Attempting to insert event onto queue ‘Session Queue’. Anyone know what that means and how to stop it?

I’ve read on this forum that Core Fix 5 should resolve this, however I’m running Core Fix 7

From about page: Product webMethods Integration Server Version Updates IS_8.0_SP1_Core_Fix7
Build Number 209

Hi All,, i have posted and got reply that need to implement the IS_8.0_SP1_Core_Fix5, recently i have upgraded the wm8SP2, can any one help me latest IS_8.0_SP1_Core_Fix7 is incorporated in wm8SP2.

Anil kumar ellendula

No it doesn’t, you need to download and install from empower.

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