Attachments Size and Limit

Hello Every body,

I would like to know the maximum size of attachments on a document.
I have read that WM cannot handle document with more than 2Mo.
Normally I just have a small PDF with an Order and everything goes well but today I am facing a new problem.

The thing is that I need to handle more than 2Mo.
As someone an idea on how to deal with big attachments in WebMethods?

Thanks a lot for any suggestion.


Attached to what? What protocol? What webMethod product?

Thanks for the quick Answer.

The server is WebMethods 6,1
I am polling a JMS Message with the JMS Adapter.
In this Message I have a string with an XML Data (Order xcbl), then I can have Bytes streams with the attachments inside.

Thanks for your help.

So the real question is related to the max size of any byte stream fields in a BrokerJMS message, right?

Yes you are perfectly right.
Then how to handle it with the minimum of overload in other flow and send it again in a Mime enveloppe.