Attachment over RESTful service in API Gateway

Hi Experts,

I am seeking for a way to transfer attachment (like text, excel, csv, etc) file over RESTful service in API Gateway.
Is there any specific configuration or policy to be included in API GW to cater the requirement?

Thanks a lot for your guidance.

Hi Experts,

Any feedback on my query as this is a requirement i have to work on.


Hi Debapriyo,

Have you checked, if this blog/article helps you in anyway handling processing payload /w attachments??


Hi ,

I am unable to open above link provided. could you please help me with that link

Hello @Debapriyo_Dasgupta1,
I think you have two options

1)Send the binary/attachment as base64 encoded in an attribute of the payload
2)Send the binary/attachment as a multipart/form-data.

Let me know if this helps.

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