Restful service with file attachment

I have to send a file attachment to webMethods via a restful service.

  1. Which is the best suited method? Post or Put?
  2. How can I load the image into webMethods rest service? Content Stream or multi-part?

If I have to invoke a 3rd-party service which has its rest service exposed to webMethods, can I use a simple http post to hit that service, with the image as mimeStream or bytes or stream?

I think you can do http post with relevant content-type supported by 3rd party service, for e.g. like below,

Content-Type: image/jpg

Any idea if my file is trajectory file format?

This is a file format of signature captured on an iPad.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


I have to send CSV file as attachment via rest API. I have followed both MIME and Stream part.

Please guide the exact steps to be followed.

i want webservices and restful,josn documents

Get it from empower or tech community from documentation section.