ATC and \"delivered\" request/reply

When run in debug mode, one can see the ATC add the AdapterEvent::AdapterTools::getWorkUnitInfo event to its processing list as a request. It does not, however, create a subscription to this event. Rather, this request must be delivered to the named client for the request/reply to work.

I’ve tried to duplicate this for my own purposes. There are a couple of “administration” events that I would like my “extended” ATCs to automatically support without having subscriptions. I won’t go into details as to why this is preferred (if anyone wants to discuss this we can spin off another thread).

What I’ve done is created my own .cfg and .adl files, named atc_extended.cfg and atc_extended.adl respectively. These are customized copies of the atc.cfg and atc.adl files. The cfg file has the permissions for my administrative events and the adl file holds the event definitions. These definitions are automatically imported when the adapter starts.

I can get the adapter to start-up and add my events to its process list. The event will be dispatched to my WorkUnit. But it creates a subscription. Is there anyway, perhaps via an infoset entry, to get the event added to the list but not create the subscription?

Perhaps someone from webMethods would be best suited to answer?