Assets not getting added in Optimize 8.2 with error 'metadata not loaded'


I am getting a Failed status in Optimize while discovering Integration Server as a new asset with error ‘metadata not loaded’.

From wM 8.2 components point of view, we have the following components and environment has been defined properly in mws

  1. Infrastructure Data Collector
  2. Broker
  3. Analytic Engine
  4. MWS

I have tried to change the ‘Infradc.cnf’ file with metadatloaded=‘false’ and restarting it again. But still than, it’s not getting changed to ‘true’ after restarting Infra DC.

Please suggest me some inputs.


Dear Team,

The above issue got resolved through a configuration which was missing while defining environment as per the path (Define Environment > Configure Servers > Infrastructure DC > Collector Settings)