Incorrect InfraDC dropdown while discovering assets


My data collector drop down is pointing to wrong InfraDC port while adding new assets under discovery tab, can you please let me know where I can change the value so that drop down will show the correct server information.

It’s showing default port as 6666 but due to some port restrictions I have modified to new port(xxxx) and redeployed the environment successfully and also InfraDC is accessible through new xxxx port but it’s not reflecting while discovering assets.

Because of this I am not able to discover any assets. Can somebody help me here.


Please provide the version of InfrastructureDC.

I assume you are running 8.2 as of the mentioned Default-Port 6666.
wM 7.1.2 was using 5555 here and for wM 9.5 the Optimize Runtime has changed so that there is noch such Default-Port any longer (you can directly set the port upon installation now).

Beside that, you should not have any problems discovering assets even with the wrong name (might be confusing, but should work).

For changing this value take a look at the infradc.cnf under InfrastructureDC/config.

Change the name of InfraDC@xxx to the correct port.

Set the “metadataloaded” to false.
Shutdown and start your InfrastructreDC.

After that you should be able to select between the two names.



Sorry for the late response and thanks for the inputs.

Issue has been resolved, after updating InfraDC.cnf file. Somehow config file was pointing to old port number, updated it to correct one and changed metadataloaded property.

Version is 9.6