Asset Build of Webmethods Business Rules

Hello Community ,

I want to install with deployer my rule projects , and when I try to run the build.bat it returns “C:\BR_Repository\source\RULES” is no rule project , what do i have to put in this directory: " C:\BR_Repository\source\RULES " that contains the assets i want to build is it the .jar project ?

Thanks for your replies .


Hi All,

I am doing Repository based deployment.

I have made in file.

I tried copying .jar file of Business Rule into RULES directory of BUILD Source directory.

When i run the file i get no rule project message in the logs.
Any help is much appreciated.


Hi Uday,

please see the attached document for a walkthrough of Business Rules repository based deployment using Deployer.
Deploying a rule project to MWS.pdf (803.8 KB)


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