How to deploy Business Rules to other environment


Can anyone help me how to find out the “File Directory” path for Repository based deployment in Deployer ?

We have one Rules project in our development environment and during the development life cycle, we have published this project to MWS after configuring “My Webmethods Server repository” from Designer. Now we are planning to deploy the same project to our next environment. As per the documentation, we can only deploy the business rules to other env. using repository based deployment method. For this we have to add the repository alias in WmDeployer. But, what should be the value for “File Directory” property in the repository configuration under WmDeployer ? Is it some directory path under MWS itself or some directory path under IS ?

As per documentation, while exporting the rules project to MWS, it stores the information under “My webMethods Applications > webMethods Application Data > Rule Projects”. But, how to mention this path for “File Directory”? or some other path we have to mention in deployer repository configuration ?

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Hi Anish Issac,

Did you find a way to do this. Even i am looking for a solution for this problem.
If you did find any solution to this.Please do let me know any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Anish and Uday,

the “file directory” field needs to be filled with the Asset Build Environment output on the local disc. Please see the attached document for a walkthrough of Business Rules repository based deployment using Deployer.
Deploying a rule project to MWS.pdf (803.8 KB)