ASK : CSV based web Service

Hello there,
I’m totally newbie in webMethods, I’ve installed Integration Server, WM Developer, and mywebMethods Server successfully. I’ve tried some example too. It was succeeded.
Now, I have to build an application that collect CSV file from another host (FTP or HTTP, multiple host), save it into database table then provide the result as a service on Integration server.
by Implementing SOA architecture, is that possible if I do that with webMethods only (Flow or Java Service)? Or I should make difference application (i.e J2EE) that provide WSDL page then integrate it into WM Integration Server? or is there another way to do that?
If there is a tutorial from advantage website, please show me the links…

Thanks in advance

It is not necessary to “Implementing SOA architecture” to accomplish this task.

The client app can get the file containing the CSV to IS in any of the ways you mentioned, where the IS flat file adapter can be used to parse it into IS documents that can be processsed in many ways including writing them to one or more database tables.

You certainly could create a web service to submit the file to IS, but that’s probably not as good of a solution as a simple HTTP post or FTP put.

See the flat-file developer’s guide for details on how to convert flat files such as the CSV file you mentioned to be data that can be easily used IS. If you’re using IS 7.1, look in the _documentation\Developer\guides folder. On earlier releases look in the Developer\docs\guides folder.