Hi All,
Is there any built in service which converts ASCII to EBCDIC in WM?
How do we do that?


I have never seen anything in webMethods but there are standard classes in java to do this. Look at the and I have used these classes to convert between the two character sets.

Thanks Jeff.
Would try that.


If you’re connecting to an external system using EBCDIC (such as a mainframe), you set the character conversion in the “Code Page” field on the “Properties” tab of the adapter.


Hi Dave,
we are using WebSphere MQ Adapter to put the data on the MF from IS.
We used CCSID 819 in the Queue Manager settings.
We are putting ASCII to the queue…which inturn is converted to EBCDIC and put on the MF Queue.
But the data is not being converted to EBCDIC when it reaches MF.It is in the ASCII format itself.

Hope i am clear enough?

Sireesh, we have our QMGR on windows CCSID set to 437. On the MF it is set to 1140 and we have played with this a lot primarily for unicode. However, we override it within the wmMQ adapter to 819 when we do the PUT. We need to do the override because of QMGRs on multiple platforms. Also, on the sender channel we have the data conversion option set to “NO”.

Also, how are you viewing/browsing the messages on the MF? Are you actually browsing it on the MF or are you using software that allows you to browse across your MQ network? Try doing a browse or a get from the MF to verify that it is EBCDIC or ASCII.

Did anyone of you find any solution to this problem ? If so can you please share the solution.

Yes, the pub.string.bytesToString with your code page as the encoding (ie CP037 in the US with OS390) for EBCDIC to ASCCI and
pub.string.stringToBytes with the code page as the encoding for ASCII (really unicode) to EBCDIC.

Hi All,
Am using Websphere MQ Adapter 6.0
I need to specify the CCSID to CP037,I am trying give this value when i am defining the Adapter Connection.
I am getting the following error…

[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource TEST:testConn.
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.
Connection to Queue Manager XXXX could not be initialized; cc=2,rc=2009.

Any Suggestions??


I don’t understand the question. The Code Page is set to US english with the paramter ‘CP037’. The CCSID is Coded Character Set Identifier and is ‘1208’ for UTF8, or 500 for AS400 systems as far as I can tell. You need to look in your MQ Series docs for the right value. You can also see the value in the header of the messages coming from your mainframe.

Dear All,

Is there anyway that we can find out the Character Set of a given string/bytes??

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Anil Prasad

I ran this search:
[url=“java+find+encoding - Google Search”][/url]

and I saw A link to the following:

[url=“IOS App Creator: How to Make iPhone Apps - IOS App Builder | AppMaster”]IOS App Creator: How to Make iPhone Apps - IOS App Builder | AppMaster

It says that string characters are internally utf-16 (16-bit bytes) on the java platform and change to the native set on output. I am assuming you mean “how are bytes stored in a byte”. They are stored as 8-bit bytes.
Good day.

Yemi Bedu