AS2 profile import error. Null Key


I am fairly new to wM. I was asked to setup the AS2 profile for a new partner. I have never done an AS2 profile before. It was exported from DEV TN and is then imported into Production TN. The error message was BAC.0001.0060 RuntimeException: Cannot insert null key. I have attached the full text of the error message. Do I need to remove the Partners test certs before iimporting? Or is it something else? Thanks in advance!
TN Error.txt (8.05 KB)

Are you using deployer for migration? AS2 profile is nothing different than normal profile except Certs part…It should import fine unless you exported data correctly the xml file.

Check this also?
Everything works fine when the Enterprise Profile is correctly defined before deploying Partner Profiles.
This error happened because customer did not deploy Enterprise Profile at the same time, and Enterprise Profile was not setup in target server yet.

(i) Setup Enterprise Profile in target server before deploying Partner Profiles, or
(ii) In deployer, deploy Enterprise Profile and Partner Profiles together