Unable to deploy Enterprise profile

I am trying to deploy the profiles from one TN to another TN , I was successful in deploying all the partner profiles but I am not able to deploy the enterprise profile.I am using WmDeployer for this purpose.

I am getting the following error:

An error occurred while attempting to import partner profiles into target server: “CNU”; error information follows. class: “java.lang.Exception”, message: "Profile for ShivaSoftwareServices (software) (id=m1210h00ureathgo0000001j) is marked as SELF. Cannot import. Process terminated…

Can anybody help me in this matter…

From the TN Users Guide: “Trading Networks does not allow you to import the Enterprise system from your system into a partner’s system.”

While it says that the restriction is importing into a “partner’s system” it really means any system. This is one of the reasons I advise people to not use the Enterprise profile for anything.