Regarding profile import and export


I need to import profile from test to production server and it doesn’t contain any certificates.So first i exported the profile(File->export) from test server to my dektop and then while trying to import that file in production server(file->import),it is giving the warning message like

“Profile already existed,do u want to overwrite”.

So i checked in all the profilesin production using all the options DUNS no,Corporation name etc. I didn’t find the any mathing profile with the profile which i tried to import,but when trying to import i am getting the message that “Profile already existed,do u want to overwrite”.

So if there is a mathing profile i should not overwrite.Can any body tell that how should i overcome this problem.

Thanks in advance

Did you check it thoroughly all the profiles?..Even you override the unseen one it should be fine with force import and make sure it installed the profile as expected:

Also in the IS User Management page does the profile user you are trying to load show it already exist?


TN uses an internal ID for its objects, including profiles. This ID is generated automatically and is not normally shown in any of the TN Console screens.

When importing if another profile has that same ID, then it is a collision. It may not be be for the same partner, so be careful. Review the DB tables directly to see what profile is in the way of the profile you’re trying to import.

The guiding rule I use–never create an TN object in any environment other than development. Always import to test and prod environments, never create. Exceptions to this rule are wM-supplied doc types (e.g. EDI) as they force a constant internal ID always.

He is just trying to import a profile from other instance and you brought up a valid point,there might be object conflict with the Internal ID or Profile ID etc…

Rajesh,Can you check the above conditions and see any conflicts you see in your production profiles/TN tables?