AS2 and CA cert

we’re having to connect via AS2 to a partner and we’ve gotten most of their implementation details, except they only sent us a cert, and no CA cert. they’re claiming that the CA cert shouldn’t be required, as they have multiple other partners using webMethods that have never needed the CA cert. they did now know if their other partners were using TN.

is the CA cert requirement new to TN? is there a way to get around it? they’re not sure if they’ll be able to find their CA cert for us.


Are they using a self-signed certificate? If so, you’ll need to drop their cert in the CACert folder as well, recycle IS and you should be good to go.

If this certificate is not a true self signed certificate then another option is to extract the CA (if any) from the original certificate by opening it up in windows or other tools.
For windows
1- click the certificate file
2- select the certificate path tab
3- select the CA certificate, click view. This would open another certificate window
4- On this new CA certificate window click Details tab and then import to file button.


With regards to sending and receiving EDI AS2 documents from within the wM
IS, we are looking for the following information:

a) What additional software will we require?
b) Would we require the EDIINT package?
c) Would the EDIINT package also require wM TN?

Currently we do not have EDIINT or TN. We use our own custom services for EDI. We would prefer not to use TN if we can get around it.

Any suggestions on where to start would be very helpful.



AFAIK, EDIINT inturn uses TN.There is no way to use EDIINT in wM without TN.



Yemi Bedu


Yemi Bedu

Thanks for your replies.

Seems like there is a mixed response to if TN is required or not.

Just to clarify:

a) We do not have TN at this point and would have to purchase it separately. Which we would like to avoid (for obvious reasons).
b) We are using IS 6.1.

So is it possible to handle AS2 transport communication with just the EDIINT package?



Yemi Bedu

I don’t think you can use EDIINT without TN in 6.1, either. For one thing the core transport services (EDIINT:send and EDIINT:receive) call services in the TN to recognize and route documents. Even if you copy these services into another package and try to revise them to remove TN references, I’m not sure how succesful you would be. The MIME services, critical for forming documents like MDNs to send outbound, are also in TN. Other references to TN include the ‘Security’ document, profiles and trading partner agreements. There are other dependencies as well. And even if you could customize the send and receive services to remove references to TN, which would involve writing your own replacement services and documents, you would no longer have the “real” wM EDIINT, which was certified as “eBusiness Ready” by the Drummond group. HTH,


I believe you have to buy EDIINT too. It looks like you will have to write your own, purchase TN and EDIINT, or go to sourceforge and download openas2. You probably owe the guy who wrote openas2 some $$ too if you are going to use it commercially.

Bottom line is for implementing EDINT integrations using webMethods IS,TN is a necessary component…


Hello Everyone,

Thanks very much for all your responses.

This has cleared up all the questions I had at this point.



You would need to have TN and then you would need to purchase EDIINT as a separate adapter. Ask your WM sales rep.