ART: Is there a way to send alerts to email accounts

Hello. We use Target Adapter 3.1 (recently upgraded from 2.8) on Windows 2012 box. We recently had a network issue where on the TA side we received a ART0508E & ART0509E & ART0510E & ART0517E & ART0504I Broker errors and Broker Source close complete messages in the SQLrep.log file. However with the Retry Count & Retry Interval of 3 days, it should have made a Broker connection soon after but never did until I manually had to stop and restart the TA. We don’t have anyone to watch the TA console 24/7 and as far as I know I do not see a way to send alerts from the TA to anyone from TA admin. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to read the SQLrep.log files find any Broker Connection lost messages (or ARTnnnnE messages) and then send an email. Thank you.