Array index variable

in one of my map steps, my target variable is an array and i want to use a variable as an index to fill this array. I am using the
%iteratorvariable% to specify one of the indexes. however, this field is not populated. when i replace it with a hard coded constant, it works. what could be the reason for this error?


Have you checked the Variable Substitution on?since you are using
%iteratorvariable% to generate dynamically while runtime.

should i check variable substitution for the iteratorvariable or the target variable?


Make check for the iteratorvariable,if i understood your problem correctly…


well i did that, but it does not work. is there a way to debug this step. the variable gets the value i assign ( i can see in trace mode) but the index assignment does not happen.


I am also facing the same problem
Even I can`t find any Variable Substitution tab while opening the propertis of the Map line…

Can some tell us how to map the elements to Document List


mow-soso: By “using the %iteratorvariable%”, you mean you’re using %$iteration% and variable substitution is turned on, right?


I tried to put %$iteration% in the index tab of the Map properties but I couldt get where i should variable substition turned on...becoz i cant find any tab for variable substition in the map line Properties …

Can you please comment on it
I have gone through WM documentation as well but I could`t find if we can assign “Index” value at Run Time…
What i did to generate the Document List (Where Source Document List size is not equal to Target Document List) at Run time …I create dummy Document & DocumentList in the Pipe line and use the service “pub.list:appendToDocumentList” and finally assign the dummy document list to Target Documenet List…

It works for me
But i thing it is not the ideal way to do it because in complex mapping there may be n number of scenarios where Source Documenet List Size wont be matching with the Target Document size...there I cant just keep creating dummy documents & lists

Please suggest a way to overcome it


I have the same problem, have you found an other way to do it.