Are TIFF files not viewable within AgileApps?

One of our projects involves the group getting TIFF files from a fax system that they want to load into AgileApps.

We are using a File Field type for these files.

It seems like there is no embedded viewer for TIFF files, as when you click on the File Field with a TIFF file, it is loaded into an external program.

Just wanted to confirm if TIFF support is available in the embedded viewer or not.


This has to be supported by the browser at the client end, Agile Apps can’t do anything about it.
Please check the following link:


Hi Vinay,

Thanks for your response.

I am referring to the built-in viewer within AgileApps. It will display Word documents and PDF documents. I am sure this built-in viewer is not depending on native browser capabilities to display Word or PDF documents.

I have attached a screen capture to show specifically the functionality I am referencing.

If I click the “Download” link (circled in red in the screen capture), then I am able to download the document.

When I click on a TIFF format document, I am immediately given a download file dialog.

Hopefully this makes sense.