Are email threads via the Case Notes field supposed to come back to the AgileApps application?

When I sent an email via the Case Note functionality, the first line at the top of the mail reads:

“Please type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply. Case #000001.”

However, when I reply to the message, the email is sent to me (which is in the ReplyTo field), it never goes back into the AgileApps application.

Is there some way to configure the AgileApps system so that a reply to an email sent from within AgileApps can come back into AgileApps?

We are using an on premise version of AgileApps.

Do you have an email channel configured?

Thanks Arron.

No we do not have an email channel configured. Sounds like this would be a requirement to get this functionality to work.

I will look closer that capability.

BTW, are you using AgileApps Live, or an on premise version of AgileApps?


We have an on-premise installation, which comes with all the downsides of looking after your own infrastructure.

We are currently using the cloud version, but will have our on premise version going within a few weeks.

I would have loved to utilize the cloud, but for us it was not practical for us for a few reasons.