Archiving Invoices transactions

Hi All,

Currently we are processing EANCOM 96A INVOIC from multiple suppliers and send to backend systems.

Now we have the requirement to archive the invoices in original format i.e. EDI format.

We are planning to create a scheduler which will run on particular interval and reads the INVOICE processed and create a file and send to archiving system.

I have below questions clarified to develop the solution.

  1. Which TN services could help me read TN transaction content i.e. using a period and document type.
  2. How I make sure that once a invoice is processed successfully by scheduler will not get picked up in second run.

Please provide suggestions.

  1. Take a look at the services in the WmTN package’s folder.

  2. A simple way would be to set the User Status field on the transaction after processing. A more complex way would be to create a Document Attribute specifically for this flag, but I don’t know off hand if you can add Document Attributes to EDI Document Types, so I’m not sure this would work.

Using the UserStatus is a good idea… thanks.
I will check this and I will keep you posted :slight_smile:


I am planning to take the below approach.

  1. Read the transaction and create a destination defined XML file and publish to TN with a ‘scheduled’ user status.
  2. Schedule service will pick all the TN transactions with ‘scheduled’ status and create a delimited record for every TN document.
  3. Create the flat file and SFTP to supplier.

Please suggest if any suggestion here.

I will be using ; as delimiter and \n as record separator.
Please advice, the best way to create flat file - Flat file schema or as a String.
Please advice how to add \n at the end of a record.

Pawan Kumar