Archival Services Not deleting Data

Hi All,

I was trying to setup archival schema for IS 8.2.2 and found that its not actually deleting data. The steps followed are as below, let me know if I am missing something here.

  1. Executed DB Configurator with a new schema with access to original tables and was successful.
  2. Configured IS Archival pool with new schema.
  3. Executed setOperationParameter service with proper inputs and was reflected in DB also.
  4. Executed built in services for document, service, server data deletion, output was successful (Services have been successfully deleted from ISCoreAudit tables.)

Later on checked the count and found there is no change in number of records(Tried with MWS UI too, no luck).

Some expert advise is needed here.



This is known issue with WM 8.x and 7.x version.

From WM 9.5 onwards , Index based archival is available.

Hope that solves the problem.



this is not an issue with indexing, but more likely you missed the step to grant the appropriate rights.

grant SELECT, DELETE on TABLE to Archive-Schema.

There should be a chapter related to this in the Monitoring Users Guide.