WmMonitor Archive-delete problems


I use services of WmMonitor package to purge data in WEBM schema.
Services seem do not function.

I launch this sql commands before to launch services :

There are 185765 rows in the table.

I launch those services to delete all data older than 4 days:

I launch the same SQL command than before. There are 185712 rowsin the table.

Someone know, why all the data are not deleted (only 53 rows are deleted)?


Slo (IS in 7.1.2)

What data are you trying to archive? Is it for cored Audit or Process Audit? If it is the case then there are Archiving scripts for them under webMethods\common\db\scripts\mssql\archive. In our case we had to apply the DCC fix 1 before doing the archiving.

Steps that i followed:

  1. Run DB confirgurator to create “ISCore Audit” and “processaudit” DB components on one schema.
    2.Create “archive” DB component on another schema, on the same DB
    3.Again, create “ISCoreAduit” and “processAdit” db components on second schema so the archived data can store in these tables.
    4.Configure the JDBC pools for IScore Audit and process audit to point to first schema, and archive JDBC pool to point to second schema .
    5.Grant schema B on select and delete on the tables for core audit and process audit table on first schema.
    6.Run pub.monitor.archive:setOperationParameters to pass in the value for process_schema and iscore_schema, which is first schema (the source schema for Is core audit and process audit).

You can refer to webMethods Monitor User Guide 7.1.2 for more detailed information.


I try to purge my data (not to archive it), so i created my ISCORE AUDIT, PROCESS AUDIT and Archive db component with the same name.
I run pub.monitor.archive:setOperationParameters (the name of my schema in the iscore and process audit)
when i run pub.monitor.archive:processarchive i have this error :
Error in creating service related process archives: com.wm.monitor.db.querygeneration.QueryGenerationException: Unknown Key: [{0}]

Someone know why i have this error, it’s related to the value of pub.monitor.archive:setOperationParameters ??

Thank you :slight_smile:

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