Hi all,

I’m new to webmethods.
Whether Wm is based on SOA architecture?

webMethods has many products. For which product are you inquiring?


“webMethods Infravio product” mainly deals with SOA…You may browse this site for more information or download specs from


Hello All,

I am very new to WebMethods.
can any one please help me understand more about WebMethods History.

What is the main purpose of WebMethods Intergration Suite?
On which specification that this WebMethods Integration Suite has been implemented?
Also would like to know how and when webemthods started?
Hiistory of WebMethods and various phases that is has gone all these years till now.
We had many integration tools in the market? How is WebMethods different from others? What is it’s performation when compared with other integration tools? etc… kind of information.

ThankYou all in advance.

You can better go n visit “”.
u can see all information there.

When there are many different systems(oracle/sap…etc), and each needs to interact with each other, then we are in need of a common broker in between them…!! Also, when a new system in added, then a new broker is to created for its interaction.

So, web methods will create an intermediate information-structure in integration platform which is connected to all systems. This integration platform will provide info in the way the particular system needs.!!

Publish - subscribe method and web service methods of interaction will take place between systems and Integration platforms.

for security purpose we have “Trading networks”…

Many more… Its a small ocean…

Can anyone help me to get these following documents. I dont have webmethods installed. I am a newbie


you can get all the documentation via link below and look in the “Documentation by Product” section: